My Life is built on a pillar of contrasts, of two countries, of intro and extroversion, of the happiness that couldn’t be experienced without the hardships that it took to achieve.
I learn, play and tell stories in order to understand the world, its inhabitants and myself.
I hope that my stories, visual or spoken, make a difference in someone’s life. If it makes them laugh or learn, I have done my job.  
From Sam Mendez to Gendy Tartakovsky, to Flight of the Concords, storytelling is a craft built of collaboration and iteration. What a privilege it is to do this for a living.
2021–Present               We Are Royale                                                          Los Angeles, CA
                               Storyboard Artist, Concept and Production Artist
                                     5 Riot Games Character Trailers. LOL and VALORANT.
                                     Provided storyboards, concept art and on screen illustration assets for Riot Games Pentakill online                                                 concert experience advertising campaign.

2020–2022                    Massive Assembly                                                    Los Angeles, CA
                                Storyboard artist
                                      Created Storyboards for Riot Games Valorant E-Sports tournament advertising campaigns.

2019–2020                    Mousetrappe / Medici XD Media                                    Burbank, CA
                                Storyboard artist, Production Artist, Matte Painter
                                      Storyboards for Disney Castle anniversary Projection Mapping show.
                                      On screen assets for animation.
                                      Matte paintings for large scale architectural projections.

2015–Present               Storyboards Inc.                                                     Santa Monica, CA
                               Freelance Storyboard Artist under agency representation
                                     Worked on 4 features films as a storyboard artist.
                                     Storyboards and comp art for multimedia advertising campaigns.
                                     Animatics, storyboards, illustration, concept art for local Los Angeles production studios.
2005–2009                    Art Center College Of Design                                     Pasadena, CA
                                      BFA. Illustration and concept design Department
                                      Graduated with honors.
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